"A fabulous fluke of nature". Rough tanzanite , deep underground at TanzaniteOne Mining.

Tanzanites Rarity

Tanzanite’s single source and limited supply mean that it is at least one thousand times rarer than diamond.

A Fabulous Fluke of Nature

Millions of years ago, massive tectonic plate activity and intense heat formed Mount Kilimanjaro. At the same immense heat, pressure and a rare chemical called vanadium mixed together deep in the earths core to create beautiful blue-violet crystals – tanzanite.

The conditions that created the tanzanite deposit are thought to be so unfathomably random that the chances of another tanzanite deposit occurring anywhere else on the globe are extremely low : according to geologists, one million to one!

Found Nowhere Else On Earth

Tanzanite is only found in one place in the world – Merelani, Tanzania, East Africa. The entire mining area is tiny -only 2 kilometers wide and 8 kilometers long.

Tanzanite is only found in a tiny area, in the foot hills of Mt Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain. Image credit : © Sergey Pesterev. Wikimedia

The One-Generation Gemstone

Tanzanite is becoming rarer day by the day, as the yield from the mines is gradually decreasing.

It is obvious that the supply is diminishing daily, and no-one is sure exactly how long it will last. In 2013, independent geologists assessed the largest tanzanite mine, Tanzanite One, as having only 30 years left. The smaller mines in the area remain unmeasured.

Many believe that when tanzanite supplies are exhausted, the stone will become a historic “heritage” stone, sought after by collectors across the globe.