About The Tanzanite Foundation

The Tanzanite Foundation is a non-profit, industry supported organization, dedicated to educating, protecting and promoting tanzanite.

As part of its mandate, the Foundation strives to “uphold an ethical route to market in accordance with the and invests in meaningful and sustainable ‘upliftment’ projects developed in harmony with indigenous communities in Tanzania.”

The TTPs are a set of rules developed to both protect tanzanite and to ensure the stone has an ethical route to market. At its most basic level, the TTP ensures that relevant labor legislation, safety regulations and best mining practices are adhered to.

Following the TTP, Tanzanite Foundation members commit to operate in accordance with legal and ethical employment practices and adhere to strict safety standards across the board.

The Tanzanite Foundation was formed in 2003 by TanzaniteOne – the worlds largest ethical miners of tanzanite – and major tanzanite industry organizations in 2003. A portion of TanzaniteOne’s sales go towards funding the Tanzanite Foundation. The Tanzanite Foundation’s head office is located in Hong Kong.


  • Ethical and legitimate route to market.
  • Safe working conditions and fair working practices.
  • Environmental and social best practice.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Adherence to the Tucson Tanzanite Protocols.



Working with indigenous communities to establish meaningful and sustainable social projects is important to our organization. To learn more about the various ways we’re working to make a difference in Tanzanian communities, please visit our Community & Projects Page


The Tanzanite Foundation strives to develop the  worldwide tanzanite industry through promotion and education for trade, their staff and the public. Tanzanite Foundation Members and Endorsed Stockists are welcome to request promotional services and support from the Tanzanite Foundation. This can include providing sales and marketing collateral; helping to organize tanzanite staff training or promotional assistance.


Tanzanite Foundation Author : Gemologist – Linda Kennedy (GG, GIA).

The information in this website was written by Gemologist Linda Kennedy, in collaboration with leading gemstone laboratories, industry specialists and field experts . The Tanzanite Foundation and Ms Kennedy would like to express their sincere gratitude to those who assisted with this project.