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All tanzanite has the rare ability to be two different colors at the same time.   Tanzanite exhibits a “Oh wow, I thought it was-blue-but-now-it’s-violet-no-wait-its-blue again” quality called pleochroism, an optical effect where the stone actually is different colors when viewed from different angles. Meaning “many colors” in Greek,  pleochroism is the ability displayed by some natural gemstones to split light along optic... View Article

We thought you would enjoy this fantastic tanzanite crystal, clearly showing blue, violet and burgundy in a perfect example of trichroism (a gemstones ability to show three colors at once) . The Tanzanite Foundation would like to thank the MIM Museum in Israel for the use of this astonishing image. Mineral: Zoisite (var. Tanzanite) Description: Named “Rachel” by the mim. Lustrous, very... View Article