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Community & Projects

The Tanzanite Foundation searches for ways to better the lives of indigenous communities. By stimulating demand for Tanzanite, we help sustain the industry’s economic viability and see that revenue is channelled back up the value chain to the source.


Masai Ladies
Jewellery Project

2012: In order to create a regular income for local villages, the Tanzanite Foundation are facilitating the Masai Ladies Jewellery Project. Using skills taught by renowned jewellery designer and carver Naomi Sarna, tools and wire donated by Tanzanite Foundation members and rough tanzanite donated by TanzaniteOne Mining, the ladies have created their own jewelley collection. Launched on an international TB shopping channel in November 2012, the collection will also be sold in local boutiques.

“Got Tanzanite?”
The Blue Balloon Campaign

2012: Using donations gathered at the Tucson Jewellery Show from gemstone and jewellery industry members, much needed school desks were build and gifted to a local primary school.

New Vision Orphanage Expansion / Kilimanjaro Climb

2012: Located in a town close to the Tanzanite mining area, the orphanage provides schooling and accommodation to over 400 children, most who’s parents have been victims of the AID’s virus.

The expanding role means the school requires the construction of new class rooms, books and equipment.

In a joint effort between the Foundation, TanzaniteOne mining and industry supporters, over forty thousand dollars was raised to fund this project.


Schools, Health & Community Centres

The Nasinyai Primary School provides an education for 420 children, with The Tanzanite Foundation’s funding and support. Other key community projects have included a Medical Clinic, a Community Centre and a Secondary School for boys and girls that is nearing completion.

Mine Site Water Supply

Fresh water from TanzaniteOne is now able to be pumped daily into the surrounding local community. A reverse osmosis plant ensures the water is free from excess fluoride which damages bone and tooth formation at a young age. Almost 5000 heads of cattle and 2000 villagers are able to access this water supply.

Environmental rehabilitation

This remains a key priority for The Tanzanite Foundation as we continue to fund projects that help regenerate mining zones and encourage wildlife species to return to these areas.


See some of these projects in action

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