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Decembers Birthstone - Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a birthstone for December, along with two other blue gems Turquoise and Zircon. Tanzanite has the honour of being the only gemstone which has added to the birthstone list since it was created in 1912 by the American Gem Trade Association. 

This late edition to this list is because Tanzanite was only discovered in 1967,  and never had a chance to be included in the official birthstone list, which was created in 1912.  Tanzanite was added in 2002 as it is now the  the most popular blue gemstone in the western world after sapphire .  Additionally it is commonly used in fine jewellery ,  unlike zircon and turquoise  which it shares its Decembers birthstone status with. 

·        Tanzanite - added in 2002  after its discovery in 1967 in Tanzania. 1000 times rarer than diamonds. 

·        Turquoise  -  one of the worlds oldest known gemstones and perennially popular in fashion jewellery and America's Southern States.

·        Zircon - historically used as a diamond simulant and  also comes in blue, red and yellow colours. 

decembers birthstones

Be Born to Tanzanite - Celebrating New Life  

Within tanzanite's heritage is a story underpinned by an age-old Maasai affinity with the color blue, regarded as sacred, healing and above all representative of new life. Based on this tradition , many people now see tanzanite as "the" birthstone -  irrespective of the month,  and give this beautiful stone as a gift at the beginning of life to celebrate new life and new beginnings. 


decembers birthstone