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The Tanzanite Foundation

The Tanzanite Foundation is a non-profit, industry supported organisation, dedicated to protecting and promoting Tanzanite. It acts on behalf of all ethical and socially responsible operators and partners in the Tanzanite Industry and implements standardised methods of practice and conduct. The Foundation seeks to deliver a truly ethical route to market in accordance with the Tucson Tanzanite Protocols.The Tanzanite Foundation was formed by TanzaniteOne - the worlds largest ethical miners of Tanzanite and major Tanzanite industry organisations in 2003. A portion of all TanzaniteOne's sales go towards funding The Tanzanite Foundation. 



Tanzanite Foundation Community Support

Working with indigenous communities to establish meaningful and sustainable social projects is important to our organisation. To learn more about the various ways we’re working to make a difference in Tanzanian communities, please visit our Community and Environment page.



Tanzanite Foundation Industry & Trade Support

Tanzanite Foundation Members and Endorsed Stockists are welcome to request promotional services and support from the Tanzanite Foundation. This can include providing sales and marketing collateral; helping to organise Tanzanite staff training; promotional assistance; or help coordinating celebrity product placement. We encourage you to find out how we can help you grow your Tanzanite business.